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Important Dates Before General Synod 2014

A Bill is a piece of proposed legislation which, if passed, will become a statute and part of the law of the Church of Ireland. Draft Bills should be sent to the Honorary Secretaries at Church House, Rathmines, Dublin 6 by Thursday 3 April 2014 so that it can be sent out to members of the Synod. Members wishing to propose Bills can consult the legislation committee (through the Synod office) for advice.

A late Bill can be sent to the Honorary Secretaries up to 1 May 2014 (one week before the first day of the General Synod). The Bills Committee will examine all proposed Bills (including late Bills) for legal and drafting issues and report their conclusions to General Synod on the first day.

Notice of a motion must be sent to the Honorary Secretaries at Church House, Rathmines, Dublin 6 by Tuesday 8 April 2014 (one month before the opening day of the General Synod) for sending out with Synod papers. Motions may also be proposed during Synod under Standing Order 31(d).
The Synod website: www.synod.ireland.anglican.org gives templates on how a motion may be moved.

Requests for Information:
Under Standing Order 51, any member of General Synod can ask for information concerning the work of a committee, the Synod or the Representative Church Body.

Questions can be submitted in advance (before Thursday1 May 2014) in which case it will be printed on the Synod Agenda to the Synod Office or during the General Synod to the Honorary Secretaries. One days notice must be given. The Chairperson of the Committee or the Chief Officer of the Representative Church Body (or another person) is required to answer the request at 2pm on each day of the session or as soon as possible thereafter.

Forms for seeking questions are available from the Synod Office or downloadable from here.

Under Standing Order 65, any member or members of the Church of Ireland who are at least 18 years old may make a petition to the General Synod. This must be sent to the Honorary Secretaries not later than Thursday 1 May 2014. The petition shall be presented to the General Synod by a member and shall be referred to the Petitions Committee, which will consider it and report its findings to the Synod.

Forms for petitions are available from the Synod Office or downloadable here.