Report of the Liturgical Advisory Committee

The Ven David PierpointFollowing on from the launch of The Book of Common Prayer in 2004, and the huge amount of time dedicated to liturgical revision, the Liturgical Advisory Committee has restructured, developing a new method of working in order to facilitate its role of provider of resources and adviser on the liturgical life of the Church. In its report to the General Synod today, the Committee outlined the work of its four specialist sub-groups:
Liturgical Education and Formation
This sub-group has worked on developing educational material for parish groups.

Musical Art and Liturgical Space
This group has made substantial progress in the development of a sample Psalter for use with The Book of Common Prayer. This Psalter will provide new ways of approaching and singing the traditional psalms. It is intended that a sample CD and Psalter will be available by early 2007.

Liturgical Resources
A companion pack to accompany the BCP has been developed by this group and will be circulated to all members of the clergy in due course. This folder will include resources such as emergency baptism, Holy Communion for the sick and the Committal at a graveside and of ashes.

Electronic Liturgy
Following on from the successful launch and training sessions for Visual Liturgy during the year, this sub-group hopes now to focus on the circulation and dissemination of electronic resources, mainly via use of the web and multimedia. Proposals for the provision of an electronic version of the hymnal are also being considered.

Proposing the report to the Synod, the Very Revd Michael Burrows (Cork) emphasized the importance for the Church of Ireland to abide by copyright rules, reminding Synod that a breach of copyright is a breach of the law. The Liturgical Advisory Committee continues to encourage that clergy gain copyright permission before using any material that requires it.

The Revd Canon Ricky Rountree (Glendalough) reminded Synod of the importance of the work of the Diocesan Liturgical Officers as a resource that should be encouraged. He asked that Bishops try to ensure that their Diocesan Liturgical Officers are recognised and to enable the whole of the diocese to make full use of these Officers.

This year, the Liturgical Advisory Committee has also devoted a significant amount of time to the revision of the liturgy for the Institution of an Incumbent. These revisions were brought as a Resolution to the Synod on Tuesday, will lead to a Bill coming before the General Synod in 2007. To read this Resolution in full, please click here.